About Evfit

This is a low maintenance site which grew rapidly 2001 - early 2005, with activity renewed from December 2008.  Recent updates are listed on this page

Our aim is to have a reference site which helps individuals in their own lives and is also a resource to help you to explain to others the importance of our evolutionary past in the present and for our individual and planetary future. Please pass on to us your experience and and successes in debate and persuasion so we can share them with others confronting similar issues. 

There was a gap of about 2 1/2 years when I had trouble with my ISP. I have now transferred the site to Ace-hosting and their service is excellent.

The site was built using Microsoft FrontPage 2002 and we now use Dreamweaver MX2004. It will never be a slick website as we are focusing on the content and on having a site that is easy for us to maintain. We hope this simplicity from our end will keep it easy to use from your end.

We use StatCounter on all pages.

We are open for comments.

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