Clarence Bass

Clarence has been an inspiration for many years to tens of thousands of people worldwide interested in exercise and diet, particularly those around his own age.

Clarence has never been stuck in a rut. He is always learning, firstly, by reading widely, secondly by talking to and learning from others, thirdly by experimenting himself on the basis of his first two strategies. Fourthly - and this is what really marks Clarence out - he carefully documents what he learns, even where he does not agree with it, and shares it with the rest of the world through his internet site and his books. How many of us have recorded our exercises in a notebook but never re-read our entries, let alone carfully analysed them? Clarence has been exercising, recording all the relevant data and then analysing them carefully to draw out the implications for the rest of us - that alone is a marathon! His writings transmit his enthusiasm for all aspects of fitness and also his ability to remain calm and unfazed by alternative views, even when those alternatives are presented intemperately. Clarence is a true gentleman.

Fifthly, Clarence's writings have elicited feedback from his many thousands of readers - and so the process of assimilating, learning, evaluating and communicating continues.

Clarence's exposition of Art de Vany's ideas on evolutionary fitness late in 2000 introduced me to the notion and it remains the best introduction on the net.

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