Reading books is still one of the most satisfying ways of acquiring knowledge.

The internet, newspapers, magazines, radio, public meetings, conversations: all good in their own way, but there is (should be) something more careful, considered and generous about a good book.

Here are some recommended books, magazines and web sites related to the topics list on the Evfit home page.


Ray Audette - Neanderthin
Loren Cordain - The Paleo Diet
Rob Faigin - Natural Hormonal Enhancement
Tamir Katz - The TBK Fitness Program
Weston Price - Nutrition and Physical Degeneration

Exercise and fitness

There is nothing published yet from a specifically "evolutionary fitness" perspective although the books by Audette, Cordain and Faigin all have useful and relevant suggestions.

All the books by Pavel Tsatsouline describe exercises and protocols fully compatible with Evfit, but do not go as far as making the link explicit. 
Tamir Katz - The TBK fitness program

Human evolution

The best introduction is:
Robin McKie - Ape Man (published as Dawn of Man in the US)
Further detail is available in two Cambridge Encyclopaedias:
The Cambridge Encyclopaedia of Human Evolution
The Cambridge Encyclopaedia of Hunters and Gatherers
This last volume is worth buying for the essay by the Eatons "Hunter-gatherers and human health" alone.

The environment

Tony McMichael - Human Frontiers , Environments and Disease
This book was the inspiration for this site.  It covers diet, health, disease and the environment at undergraduate level.

There are other books, but this basic library will give you a firm foundation.

Bringing it all together intellectually

If you get really fired up, the following books by Daniel Quinn help to place the Evfit message in its historical context:
My Ishmael
The Story of B
Beyond Civilization

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