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Here is a summary of this group's aims

Date: Thu, 6 Feb 2003
From: "Lorenzo" <>
Subject: Welcome New Members.

Welcome New Members to the CaveManFood  list!

This list is for those who hope to improve their diet by learning about the foods that our ancestors ate while developing the digestive systems that
they bequeathed to us their children.

Now--If you are a new member please search with or your search engine  for  "Paleo Food".

Read all that stuff for a month, then come back here and ask us about the parts that you want to know more about.

Now the "CaveManFood" diet is not chiseled in stone, that would be Neolithic!

In the present world it is hard to eat Paleo, or Caveman.

The purpose of this list is to discuss that and to help to find out how to eat better.

Often there comes a comment:--   About what is Paleo or not.  Paleo is what was available to the hunter-gatherers before farming. 
So Paleo is what our digestive system was developed to thrive on.  Also when food was often scarce --maybe we chewed it longer.

Please post questions.   The list is moderated  --so maybe your comment will not appear for a day or two.  However only "Spam" is rejected.

Best Regards,


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