The aspect of conformity which concerns us here is a simple one: the social pressure to conform in the realms of exercise, diet and lifestyle.

It takes courage to resist the pressure to conform.  Courage is enhanced by understanding who you are and focusing on who and what you want to be.  Specifying goals narrows the range of effective processes and routes and can - if you have courage - reduce distractions and shorten the time it takes to achieve those goals.

Ask yourself: 'How much am I influenced by what is "cool"?'  What is "cool" today will not be cool in a few years' time and is certainly not what was cool a few years ago.  "Cool" is an expression of novelty, partly for novelty's sake. 

But there are some people who will go against "cool" just to be contrarian.  These people are as much conformists as the overt fashion slaves.

Have the courage to follow your intellectual convictions where they lead.

For more information on this theme see our page on a balanced diet and lifestyle.

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