Dr Loren Cordain

Dr Cordain is the world's leading researcher in the field of Paleolithic nutrition and has published widely in this broad area, making a number of advances - often in terms of picking up the observations of others and demonstrating their place in human evolution.

He has also brought together his research and ideas on Paleolithic nutrition in his 2002 book The Paleo Diet.  This book is an excellent overview of the field and potential purchasers should not be put off by the few negative reviews on Amazon.com.  There are so few sound books on Paleo nutrition published in the mainstream that every critic appears to have pounced upon the book to promote their own particular perspective.

The book has also suffered at the hands of journalists who have brought to their articles a combination of 19th century and Fred Flintstone views of human evolution.  The book is far better than most of its critics acknowledge.  What the critics fail to realize that the book is itself a compromise between what Dr Cordain wanted to write and what the publishers permitted.  Despite the heavy hand of the editors, there is enough nutritional and evolutionary science to provide the best single source there is of practical guidance for the general reader.

The book also contains six weeks of diet plans and recipes for all the dishes listed in the plans.

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