Dead lifts (28 September 2004)


28 September 2004
The plates (Australian Barbell Co) are 20kg each and the Eleiko trap bar weighs 25kg.  The 185 was easy enough, but the 195kg
was a struggle - worth it though; it was a PB - shows what I can do when I'm showing off for the camera.  I started doing dead
lifts about three years ago and have always, following Art de Vany's example, lifted over twice my body weight.  The 195kg lift
was 2 1/3 times my body weight.  (Art wrote of men in one of the NE US aboriginal tribes lifting three times their body weight
with ease.)

6 June 2008


It's a couple of years since I lifted 195 kg, but wanted to do it today as I'll be taking 5 weeks off travelling and will inevitably lose
condition which'll take a while to regain. 59 1/2 years old. Four years on and the same bar, same plates and the same gym
- but it had a coat of paint in 2007. The second picture was taken as I began slowly lowering the bar.

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