Gravity boots

The gravity boots are not strictly Paleo; on the other hand, they do give a good Paleo workout.  And they are fun.  The adverts for gravity boots refer to hanging, but I prefer to use them to work out the abs.


I'm new to this.  at the moment I'm doing sets of ten.  Sometimes I pull myself up as fast as I can; others I come up more slowly, hold it for as long as I can and lower myself slowly (say over 5-10 seconds).  Try to keep the legs fairly straight so the stress is on the abs rather than the hip extensors.

I'm not beyond just hanging.  Here I am hanging and twisting my body back and forth.

I have taken to using the gravity boots in a squat rack as I found that if I exhausted my abs I couldn't pull myself up to lift my feet off the bars.  In the rack I can grip the vertical frame, lift my feet up and out and lower my feet to the floor.


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