Keith's food intake in 2002-2003

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My food intake for a few selected meals or days can be viewed on the following pages.

  all red meat (beef, lamb, kangaroo, goat incl organ meat) is organic - more Paleo than what Canada and US call "grass-fed" as the animals roam free, largely on natural, unimproved pastures and are not grain finished. The weights are uncooked weight. I also eat fish about once a week and eggs from my own chickens

  all fruit, vegetables and herbs are fresh and raw unless otherwise indicated - or obvious.  None are frozen, tinned or in any other way preserved or processed, though some chemicals are added to fresh fruit and vegetables to retard the ripening and the decaying processes.  I buy my fruit and vegetables daily and know the stocking cycles of my greengrocer so I buy when the produce is at its freshest

  all quantities are chosen first according to my inclination and weighed afterwards - I don't try to eat over or under a certain quantity.  Some quantities are estimates; for example, experience tells me that the way I eat mangoes, I discard 25% of the gross weight (pip and skin) so I weigh the full mango and assume I eat 75% of the gross weight and round that 75% to the nearest 10 or 25g. 

  some quantities appear large compared with recipes in books by Cordain, Audette and others. They are. I generally eat my salads out of 2.1 litre rice bowls and the bowls are often heaped

  I am cycling high/low carbs according to Rob Faigin's Natural Hormonal Enhancement principles.  In my case, this means I carb load on the final meal of the day Sundays and Wednesdays, with at least 100g of starchy carbs.  Other days I try to keep carbs low, aiming for under 30g without being obsessive about it; around 40-60g carbs/day is my desired ceiling on low carb days.  (I dropped NHE in Dec 2003, but remain Paleo, but with cheese once or twice a week and red wine once a week or so)

  (Up to late 2003) I drink 1 to 3 big mugs of freshly-ground black coffee every day: one for breakfast, one after arriving at work in the morning and sometimes a third after lunch.  Given their negligible nutritional relevance, I don't list them in the diary - just remember they are there regularly in the background

  I have 0-8 fish oil capsules daily, a multi-vitamin & mineral supplement every 1-7 days and a selenium tablet every 4-10 days. (See important note)

  The analyses come from the USDA database if they list food in question

Sunday 1 December 2002 - carb-load meal
Saturday 7 December 2002

Sunday 8 December 2002 - including a carb-load meal
Monday 9 December 2002

Tuesday 10 December 2002
Wednesday 11December 2002 - including a carb-load meal
Thursday 12 December 2002
Friday 13 December 2002

Saturday 14 December 2002
Sunday 15 December 2002 - including carb-load meal

A month later, the seasons brought different fruit to the shops - but also different fruit to the neighbourhood trees.  I picked apricots and plums free from a neighbour and reduced fruit purchases to a minimum.  I also found that I could reduce the cramps appearing spontaneously up to 20 times a day in my left hand and once every two or three nights in my feet by adding a little salt to my diet - so I switched my sardines from 'no added salt' to 'in olive oil with a small amount of added salt'  I don't mind the sodium, but I was reluctant to boost the chloride in my diet.

Sunday 12 January 2003 - including carb load meal
Monday 13 January 2003
Tuesday 14 January 2003
Wednesday 15 January 2003 - including carb-load meal
Thursday 16 January 2003
Friday 17 January 2003
Saturday 18 January 2003

No more menus and analyses for a while; it'll be a delight to be able to eat without weighing, recording and analyzing everything that passes my lips!

February 2003 - I find myself reducing my olive oil intake and increasing my intake of fat on the meat I buy ( I previously trimmed off the largest lumps of fat; now I leave it on) and the suet in which I fry it.

I wanted to discuss my food intake with someone, so decided I had better first go through the discipline of weighing and recording everything for a few days, rather than falling into the trap of reporting to them what I thought I was eating or what I intended to eat.

Thursday 30 October 2003
Friday 31 October 2003
Saturday 1 November 2003
Sunday 2 November 2003 - including carb-load meal
Monday 3 November 2003

Friday 7 November 2003 - includes analysis of Angela's stew


I should mention that my position on supplementation has changed significantly since this was written

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