Kettlebells (2) - the essence of paleo exercising and the antithesis of gym machines!

While the first kettlebells page showed me using the 24kg 'bell, this page shows Huw with the 32kg 'bell, the largest made by our supplier.


A week before these pictures were taken (September 2004), Huw did 30 snatches in succession with each hand.  Knackered, especially after the 25-mark was passed.

The following pictures show Huw swinging the 'bell up, out and around - back and forth.  This is much more challenging than my own exercise in which I swing the 'bell in a vertical arc.  Huw is swinging the 'bell in a horizontal arc (though the pics don't show it as well as they might).  This is a real challenge for your balance - you can find yourself being pulled away by the 'bell at the end of each swing.


Three months and a haircut later, Huw was still into it.


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