Kettlebells (3)

Huw took delivery of a second 32kg (2 pood or 70lb) kettlebell on 13 October 2004 and was keen to see if he could do with two kettlebells what he could already do with one.  So we went out before breakfast the next morning and he tried the two-bell clean. (Sorry about the various picture sizes - I wanted to keep the rainbow in as well as bringing out the best of the pics - the background is a school oval in Ainslie, our suburb of Canberra, Australia's capital.)


Just thinking                                                The clean                                                    Bracing for the jerk


Almost up                                                    Right up!                                                    Then down.


Doing it once more, slightly differently.                                                                            The first time wasn't a one-off!



Note Huw's relatively small biceps.  He is perversely proud of them and this set of pictures shows that you can pack power and strength without working on the biceps.  He can do one arm chinups without training the biceps specifically.


Huw takes the Paleo position: that performance is more important than passing fads of male beauty developed in the "chrome and fern room" at the local gym.





On the way down again.

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