A basic paleo meal (continued from page 1)

Add capsicum for colour as well as variety.  (I always add capsicum or bright tomato when I take a salad to work for lunch - it
attracts attention, which starts this conversation:  "That looks healthy", they usually say.  "I certainly hope so!" I reply ...).
About once a week I replace capsicum with tomatoes.


The capsicum is followed by mushroom diced into 1 - 1.5cm pieces.  Not washed or peeled or even brushed.
My quantities are based more on the size of the fruit or vegetable (one avocado, one capsicum, one or two mushrooms)
rather than their weight.  Like all the vegetables (apart from the brassicas), the mushrooms are eaten raw.


Now for the brassicas.  I dice the stems (not throwing any out) and steam them for a couple of minutes before I add the
florettes for minute or two.  I also toss about a quarter of the broccoli or sprouts directly into the salad and eat it raw.


Add a few Brussels sprouts and basil (today it's Vietnamese basil, with a fresh tang).  Another favourite is Shiso; no two
consecutive days the same.


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