A basic Palaeo meal (late summer version) (continued from page 3)

The meal produced in the previous three pages was made in winter. In summer there is more colour in the garden.

Note the finely-chopped beetroot leaf stems on top. You can't distinguish the many different greens (including a few young nasturtium leaves), nor can you see the whole avocado or the tomatoes down below. There are 18 vegetables and fruit in there - all but the avocado are fresh from my garden.



Next add 500g grilled lamb in the middle of the nasturtium flowers.


I recall well Art DeVany's memorable condemnation of meals that are 'a mound of brown':

"I looked over to my right, across the aisle, and saw a family of about 7 sitting at a mound of brown. That was the only color on the table. A bad sign for color is a pretty good clue to meal quality. We use color as a guide to a beautiful and well-balanced meal. The family included all ages from grandfather to small children.

"The mound was french fries; the whole table looked to be piled with french fries. The monotone meal was broken only by the dark color of a hamburger pattie here and there and the same color in the cokes they were drinking. I am used to seeing children being fed french fries by their parents; it is a cheap meal, the kids grow to like it, and french fries are always on the Kids Menu. With all the pleasantries that surround eating out with mom and pop or grandma, it is no wonder the children associate so much pleasure with french fries. Nearly every kids' meal at McDonald’s and other restaurants contain french fries and a toy. Another nice association to a child. By now, the children are progressing to a Pavlovian response to french fries; they are associated with family love and toys and attention and pleasant experiences...."

(More on Art DeVany's private blog.)


1. My lamb is locally grown and supplied directly from the biodynamic farmers, Vince and Janet Heffernan of Moorlands. Their lambs are brought up wholly on pasture and not fed grain, GM canola hay or exposed to fungicides often used on wheat crops.

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