The meat of our ancestors  Writing in the NYT (21 October 2003), John Wilford refers to 2.6 mya bones from wildebeests and zebras that show scratch marks consistent with butchering by humans (Australopithecus garhi).

My own lamb comes from Moorlands [1] biodynamic/organic farm near where I live.

John Wilford, New York Times (21 October 2003) New clue on which came first, tools or better diets


1. Shoulder of Moorlands Texel lamb weigh:

2315g of which 362g was bone (Sept 2009)
2380g of which 398g was bone (Sept 2009)
2400g of which 440g was bone (Sept 2009)
2330g of which 406g was bone (Sept 2009)

1965g of which 275g was bone (Dec 2009)
2085g of which 430g was bone (Dec 2009)
2000g of which 390g was bone (Dec 2009)

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