Natural Hormonal Enhancement (NHE)

Natural Hormonal Enhancement by Rob Faigin is a study of the impact of hormones on our health and the way to maximize the positive hormonal responses by cycling both exercise type and intensity and also macro-nutrient ratios.  Rob's 'in-yer-face' website does not do justice to his book which is more measured and carefully argued than his site.  The book's Chapter 5 is about human evolution and our evolutionary inheritance and imperatives permeate the rest of its 350 pages - although this appears to have been lost on Rob's readers (see the NHE Yahoo group).

My own personal experience using Paleo foods in Rob's recommended high-carb / low-carb cycle, used in conjunction with his exercise recommendations, shows it to be an effective body fat stripper.

This experience also amazed me showing that I could go all day for weeks on end without ever feeling hungry yet eating all the calories my body desired desired.  Rob makes the useful distinction between 'hormonal hunger' (a craving for food) and 'real hunger' (a far less intense desire for a meal).  I did not realize until taking up Rob's recommendations that there was a distinction nor how much my pre-NHE cravings did not originate in my body's healthy need for fuel, but its unhealthy craving for carbohydrates.

A Google search on 'Natural Hormonal Enhancement' will give you the book's online retailers.  Don't be put off by the exhausting hype typical of these sites; the book itself is serious.  On one page of his website, Rob makes it clear that his book is about achieving optimal health, not fat loss, not muscle building, not athleticism - although these all come into it, albeit in a measured and integrated way.

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