Can we use "Paleo" as the null hypothesis in selecting food, exercise, lifestyle etc?

It has been argued (by Ken Englehart on the Paleofood list in October 2002) that, in the absence of reliable and uncontroversial scientific evidence as to the best foods, we should accept that Paleo foods are the best for us today and that those who advocate non-Paleo foods should be regarded with skepticism.  The corollary is that those who advocate the avoidance of Paleo foods should be treated with a similar degree of skepticism. 

Further discussion on the Paleofood list pointed out that referring to a "Paleo null hypothesis" was all very well, but that it merely pushed one step back the task of selecting the rule or criteria by which to judge if a particular food was Paleo or not.  The definition of "best" is also left hanging: the best for longevity? for vigour? for fat loss? for fertility? for resistance to diseases? etc.

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