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This website is not about diet, nor is it about exercise (though both figure prominently). It's not even about the effects of diet-and-exercise on the human metabolism.

It's about exploring the 200,000 years our Homo sapiens ancestors adapted physically, mentally and socially/culturally to changing Pleistocene environments. We also also take into account the influence of the two million years and beyond that our earlier ancestors adapted to their environments - over 100,000 generations. is also about how our bodies (that's our total genome, including our brains) today are largely unchanged since humans transitioned from the Palaeolithic through the Neolithic to today, while our culture has changed radically over the same period.'s purpose is to identify aspects of behaviour that are influenced most strongly by our cultures, particularly those that are most dangerously at odds with our Pleistocene genome. We explain and demonstrate how, in the 21st century, we can have a lifestyle that is most in tune with our genome. We also consider how, from the many possibilities carried in our genome (our nature), we have choice (nurture) in how our genomic potential is expressed - that is, we can control the application of some epigenetic influences on our health.

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